Hearing Aids

A full range available from Skipton Hearing Room

The Skipton Hearing Room, Skipton’s Leading Hearing Aid Centre

At The Skipton Hearing Room, we know that the hearing aids you wear are incredibly important.
We only supply the very best hearing aids from the world’s best manufacturers – as no one ear or loss is the same, we recognise the importance of providing our patients with a bespoke solution.
As an independent hearing aid provider, we have complete freedom to recommend the best digital hearing aids to suit your needs.
There is a range of different hearing aid styles available, including Invisible in the ear (IIC), Receiver in the Canal (RIC) and Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids, so what’s the difference, and which hearing aid is right for you?

Hearing aids are also available in a number of different technology levels. Typically manufacturers use four levels, loosely termed as basic, standard, advanced and premium. A basic hearing aid will still use the latest technology, but will have less features and hence tends to be designed for people who are relatively inactive, who need help in less complex listening situations.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, premium hearing aids deliver all of the latest features. They are designed to handle the most complex listening situations, deliver the most natural sound quality and best speech clarity.
All modern hearing aids will have a mixture of different features, so hearing aids can be programmed by your audiologist to ensure you get the most out of them for your lifestyle. The easiest way to explain hearing aid features is almost like the Apps on your iPhone/ Smartphone, which all have a different purpose!

Wireless Communication Products

“When Hearing Aids Aren’t Enough”

Hearing aids excel over short distances in quieter environments, but for some people a hearing aid will not provide a complete solution. That’s why Skipton Hearing also offer Wireless Communication Products to help you hear in noise and over distance.
From a cordless phone that connects directly to your hearing system, to the pioneering super-directional Roger Pen, we have something to help.