Hearing Aid Trial

Of ANY hearing aid

This is why we are quite different. You are given the opportunity to test your new hearing aids properly before deciding to purchase. No-one else offers this no-catch trial in Skipton.

A Free Trial is such a good idea as for various reasons (your individual cognitive listening skills, the type of hearing loss you have and the length of time you have experienced hearing loss), your response to any given hearing device can vary greatly from that expected. This variance in individual effect is widely recognised as the reason why so many hearing aid fittings do not turn out well. This is why you are given a free trial, so you’re able to test our recommendation – without asking you to commit or pay anything at this stage.
If it doesn’t work out for you, we will just try another – this is better than worrying about asking for a refund, or feeling obligated.
Come along and see us at our brand new clinic in Skipton. Alternately, call us to book a free HOME VISIT.

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You could take away a pair of the latest Phonak or Oticon aids on day 1 – there’s no catch. If you have a hearing problem, we are your safest choice – We’re THE Leading Independent Audiologist in Yorkshire and Lancashire. We’ve been established over twelve years and we’re family-run, with extensive programming experience in all of the ‘Big 6’ brands.